KZN’s multi-award-winning teacher was honored by learners at Nombuso High, kwaNzimakwe in KZN. This dedicated and passionate teacher is Dr. Khangelani Sibiya. He is known for his incredible teaching techniques which integrate social trends in maths and science problem-solving, and his impact on his students is immeasurable. Dr. Sibiya’s classes field with song and dance but it’s not just any song or dance, the song is a maths formula and the dance is a maths or science illustration. This creates an atmosphere where students feel safe to express themselves and explore their potential using social trends to understand maths and science.

Dr. Sibiya’s unique teaching style captivated his students’ attention. He believed in the power of storytelling and would often weave real-life examples into his lessons, making the subjects come alive. His enthusiasm for learning is infectious, and his students couldn’t help but be engaged and excited about their education.


Year after year, Dr. Sibiya’s students achieved remarkable results. They not only excelled academically but also developed a deep love for learning especially maths and science. Many of his former students went on to pursue successful careers in various fields, crediting Dr. Sibiya as the driving force behind their achievements.

Nombuso High Learners decided to honor Dr. Sibiya after one of the outstanding lessons he delivered. They organized a surprise ceremony in the class where they delivered amazing speeches in praise of the good doctor also encouraging him to keep going. This wonderful gesture by learners shows the appreciation learners have towards educators who put extra effort into helping them achieve their academic goals. It is also a symbol of the great hosts Nombuso High learners are.

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Though learners did not have the money, however, their generosity superseded their lack as they blessed Dr. Sibiya with an envelope of an undisclosed amount. Learners told Dr. Sibiya how much he inspires them to reach his level and beyond.

As the ceremony of honor came to an end, Dr. Sibiya stood in front of the class, humbled and grateful for the recognition. He thanked his students for their kind words and expressed his deep love for teaching. He emphasized that the true honor was in witnessing the students grow and succeed and that their achievements were a testament to their hard work and dedication.

Dr. Sibiya’s legacy as an exceptional teacher continues to inspire generations of educators who are now integrating song and dance in their classrooms. There are a number of teachers who are attracting media interest and winning awards using Dr. Sibiya’s approach to teaching. A pioneer, a man dedicating his heart and soul to his calling which is teaching.