Learners from all over Soweto were treated to two nights of Physical Science preparation camp which was held at Pace Secondary School. The camp was organized by Mrs. XP Sibisi under her organization, X-Matics.

Tag My School Magazine was invited on both nights.

The first night of the camp saw 150 learners arriving at the campsite with energy and expectations, Mrs. XP Sibisi currently holds the Best Physical Science Teacher Award in her District, therefore, a lot was expected, and she did not disappoint.

Mrs. Sibisi

Before the start of the camp, Load-shedding posed a real threat to the success of the evening; fortunately, Pace Secondary School had generators for backup which came in very handy.

After going through the registration and Covid-19 protocols, an excited Mrs. XP Sibisi kicked off the evening with prayer for protection. The relationship between Mrs. Sibisi and her learners was clear from the word go. “Mzala” (Cousin) was how both Mrs. Sibisi and her learners referred to one another throughout the evening.

What was most clear on the first day of the camp was the fact that Mrs. Sibisi spent the better half of the evening going through lessons with individual learners. Her patience and attention to learners who needed her interventions were evident throughout the evening.

Sir Maake

Mr. Maake dealt with the bigger group and worked through various Physical Science problems. Mrs. Sibisi spoke highly of Mr. Maake who resides in Soweto, and he delivered the majority of lessons through the evening. A very gentle and patient teacher, Mr. Maake grabbed the entire hall’s attention. Learners were very appreciative.


Then it was time for dinner, a well-prepared plate of rice, chicken, salad, and beetroot. Learners went on to have fun and games before they were called back into the hall.

Mrs. Sibisi unleashed one of her proteges in Mbalenhle Mazibuko. A learner in Mrs. Sibisi’s class at Daliwonga Secondary School in Soweto, Mbali was incredible in teaching Physics, very disciplined, and with a no-nonsense approach. She commanded respect from her peers by simply showing them how to handle various Physical Science problems. I stopped capturing the proceedings and enjoyed the class at 4 am. Mbali articulated Physics with clarity and intelligence.

Mbali Mazibuko

“She is explaining Physics exactly the way that I do, I’m actually impressed by Mbali,” said Mrs. Sibisi.

Day 2 of the camp had many learners compared to the first day. Other teachers requested to send their learners to the camp. Mrs. Sibisi took the platform from evening to dawn, much to the excitement of learners in attendance.

“We are looking to do more of these camps next year as X-Matics because there is a need to assist my colleagues in this subject. I am hoping that learners who really had no hope before the camp, can go into the exam room with more confidence that they will get enough marks to pass Physics”. Concluded Mrs. Sibisi.

Mrs. Sibisi

X-Matics is an educational organization founded by Mrs. XP Sibisi which seeks to create a Math and Science Academy that is committed to the future of each and every single learner on their program. Determining the academic strength of children in order to design an appropriately personalized tutoring package.

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