Extra needs may range from medical to social challenges, Boity has identified such learners as her number one priority. This Analytical Engineering hopeful did not have it all easy in her academic journey. Her story also reveals the importance of the Fees Must Fall protests, which took place in 2016.

We caught up with Boitumelo and here is her story…….

Boitumelo grew up in Soshanguve, a township located 30 km north of Pretoria. I completed my matric in 2014. My aim was to study Analytical Chemical Engineering; however, I was rejected by the higher learning institutions because of various reasons, such as lack of space and registration fee. My mother was unemployed and with 4 kids, there was no way she could afford my university fees.

I decided to upgrade my marks while I worked jobs such as cleaner, waitress, and homework class supervisor to raise funds for the university.

Extra needs

Eventually, NSFAS responded to my application in 2017, but their funding did not cover textbooks and accommodation, this meant that I continued to work long hours to support myself. My shifts started at 10 am and ended at 10 pm, which made it extremely difficult to fulfill my academic commitments. In 2019, NSFAS extended my funding to cover my textbooks.

When I worked as a homework supervisor at Bokamoso Primary School, my entire career perspective changed, I got the motivation to pursue education. One incident that changed everything, there was this girl who kept bullying other kids, but when it came to her academic performance, she was failing all her subjects.

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I decided to invest a bit more time in her; that is when she opened up about the situation at home. This little girl had no one at home, she had all the responsibilities of looking after her siblings, which is what ended up putting too much strain on her.

That touched me deeply. This little girl had to be an adult at home, robbed of her innocent childhood. How many other kids going through the same thing? Teachers simply don’t have the time to pay attention to that one child with home issues in a class of 40 other learners with various issues facing them at home.

Extra needs
Boitumelo offering Tutoring to a leaner

This is when I felt the need to establish an NGO that attends to learners with extra needs which require more attention. I identify these learners, assess their extra needs, and then provide solutions to those needs. As an added service, I offer tutoring services.

I am completing my teaching degree and have also enrolled for my Education Honours at UNISA. My job goes beyond just tutoring, I want to focus my strength on learners with special needs, understand them because they need our undivided attention.

One day I want to establish a school that can focus on learners’ strengths and teaches them according to those strengths. I believe that this will change the game.

If you are a parent with a child that has special needs, don’t give up on your child, invest in them and if need be I am available for extra help.

Should you wish to get in touch with me please email: randytumelox@gmail.com Facebook: boitumumelo Tutor, Twitter @boitu_63

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