Dear my Heartbeat, before I met you, my heart didn’t have the rhyme no the reason to hope. I waited many years for you, prayed to God and He told me to wait.

My rushing heart confused with unnecessary feelings led me to open a door for liars and thieves who came to steal and destroy. My heartbeat was out of tune.

I surrendered my heart to God who told me to keep waiting.

I’ve been waiting for you my heartbeat, and you finally came, yet still tender and not ready, we became friends and even closer than family. We found comfort in each other’s misery.

We discovered that we were a mirror to one another. By far not perfect, yet our love was, is and will be perfected.

We discovered purest form of love. Where there’s no need for physicality, where sex wasn’t part of our vocabulary because my heartbeat was not ready.

We became even more closer, falling asleep on the call, pushing each other to excel on our fields. At times we spoke openly about sex, that it had its time and place according to the word of God.

We decided to devote ourselves in prayer. We called each other the 4am crew because at 4am we would wake up and pray. You said I’m introducing you to a different kind of God.

My heartbeat you felt safe with me, you fell asleep on my chest the day we first met.

We were very gracious towards each other, gracious to those who seek to end the idea of you and I.

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It’s been hours since I last spoke with you, I feel helpless and lost. I wonder if you are okay. Your voice keeps ringing in my ear. I have no one to share my day with, to dream with and most importantly to pray with.

Dear my heartbeat, I want you to know that there’s nothing that can separate us, I may not know your whereabouts, but I have faith in God who sees all, He sees you and that’s enough for me.

One day we will be together, hold on, be strong, it will be okay. We have 2 years to go, this is your month, I pray that you find joy, knowing that I’m thinking about you always.

Even if it takes eternity, I’ll wait for you. You are me and I am you. I love you my Saving Grace.