Dark Future is what the youth of South Africa realistically faces at the moment. The art of lies and deception has been perfected by leaders in Government as things go from bad to worst.

Currently the country is facing up to 12 hours of daily Powercuts, 75% youth unemployment and 45% of the entire population is without work.

South Africa has become an uninhabitable place for progressive young people who still hope for a future, it is clear that the most affected young people are those in Townships and Rural Areas.

Dark Future

Schools are in the middle of exams Yet Eskom is busy switching off the lights and lying about how long the Powercuts will last. Is education really that important in this country? Clearly not! Therefore this government lied about education being “key to success” otherwise they would not be switching-off lights while you are trying to study!

The world is well within the 4th Indusrial Revolution, learning has migrated to the Online as well as Digital learning; how are you to learn digitally and Online without the electricity? Therefore all that nonsense about the 4IR was nothing but pure lies and deception.

This dark future continues right through to small businesses which are mainly owned by young people who cannot get employment anywhere. These businesses do not have money to invest in electricity back-up systems and yes you guessed it, they are based in Townships and Rural Areas.

Dark Future

Therefore the truth is that the future looks bleak and with no hope that it can become anything different.

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However we can always look to the past and be inspired by how the youth then overcame their challenges with a government that was hell-bent on killing them!

Young people are known for their rebelliousness, one wonders if this current youth is too invested in Savanna to even begin to shake the walls of the Union Buildings. Fees Must Fall movements showed what young people are capable of!

Today the power is in your hands, and there are many ways to act against the injustices happening in the name of “Democracy”. Africa is said to be the continent with the youngest population yet these Old people are busy presiding over the futures of young people and dismally failing in the process.

One day, young people have to stand up and be counted, one day young people have to decide the kind of leadership representing them if it is what they really need for a better future.

June 16 is around the corner, our ears will be bombered with speeches about the 1976 youth! Do we really want to hear from people who are busy phucking up the youth today?

Something has to change, a massive shift is needed or the Dark Future awaits young people. The same incapable people will be campaigning for your vote, guys we can’t seriously give these people our precious time and let alone our vote!

Loadshedding, Unemployment, Monopolized Economy are all weapons to destroy your future while keeping the government officials in power. At some stage, youth in South Africa will have to account to its Children and future generation living in the dark as to why they allowed things to get this bad?

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Bafethu we have a responsibility to act or face this Dark Future, either way things suck already. Being a South African does not inspire much, however that’s not who we are! Thuso Mbedu, Nomzamo Mbatha and all the other Dynamic young people have shown how excellent we are. A National Youth Conference is needed!