By Linford Molaodi

Born in Ga-Rankuwa, Thabo is a Mathematics educator who had previously acted as the Head of Department of Mathematics and Science at the Kibler Park Secondary. Thabo was chosen as a leader for Twining program of 3 schools in Johannesburg South District: Elethu Themba, Kibler Park and Moses Marone Secondary schools. His role was to assist the schools in improving learner performance in Mathematics.

The principal and SMT should not develop any anxiety or phobia against young teachers. Instead, they must be willing to share experiences and skills. Collaborative work between young educators and SMTs will always assist everyone to keep up with the signs of time, especially with regard to the use of ICTs in the school to manage work. It will also assist all teachers to able to develop learners using different styles. Managers just have to make sure they follow their line of duty and young educators should also do the same.

Labour relations

Like in any working place, there will always be expectations between the employer and employee especially when coming to issues of labour. The university or teacher colleges can prepare you when coming to skills to help you do certain work, however, it is everyone’s responsibility to be creative as they encounter challenges. We need to learn from our experiences in order to manage work and overcome obstacles. Young teachers get involved in teacher development workshops like subject content training, sports and cultural activities at school, discipline and policy development, SGB forums, etc.

Those platforms come with lots of opportunities for young teachers to be able to close the gaps. They also help officials to be able to help government with working solutions to avoid blaming games.  Parents, learners and educators are stakeholders who know what is best for them I would like to adopt schools for mentorship programs. I wish to start my own school. It high time young professionals give back to the communities of South Africa so that we work on economic emancipation that will benefit all of us. I also would start to work on scare skills career and business career expo which is on paper for now. Lastly school fitness awareness day which will incorporate families and learners.

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