Born in Rustenburg, North West, Tshegofatso has attained position 2 in the 19th National Teaching Awards in the category of Excellence in the ICT-Enhanced learning and teaching. Tshegofatso trains educators in his school and sub-district, Kagisano-Molopo on ICT infusion. He also hosts annual career guidance workshops with learners in primary schools and high schools, a movement which aims at introducing learners to different fields such as IT, Robotics and Engineering. As an activist, the 28 year old also hosts awareness campaigns on women empowerment and supplies learners in the community with sanitary towels monthly.

Teaching has advanced.

Teaching as a profession has developed so much over the years in South Africa.  From the apartheid regime (Bantu education), to multiple curriculum alterations and the old traditional way of teaching (narrative, question and answer) to incorporating ICT in the classroom for effective teaching and learning.  Change can be intimidating, but an educator must adapt to all the changes in the department so as to make provision of quality teaching for all our learners. 

Many educators, principals and or senior managers in schools have been in the system for decades and seeing as technology is growing at such an exponential rate, many have found it as a challenge to utilize the apparatus in their institutions.  The incoming educators are technologically advanced and try new teaching strategies to help improve the quality of education provided by in our schools.  This poses as a challenge for some senior management educators and is part of the leading causes that develop phobia and anxiety in our SMT’s – School Management Teams against young and energetic teachers.

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Teams against young and energetic teachers.

The primary purpose of all educational institutions is to provide quality teaching and learning for the African child.  A true leader has the ability to inspire those around them and is also inspired by them.  Team work makes the dream work. 

It is of paramount importance that senior managers learn from young educators and vice versa so as to meet the objectives of the Department of Basic Education.  An educator is a life-long learner and should not be intimidated by anyone working smarter/ diligently than them, but rather be inspired by them to produce quality work.  An educator never stops learning, so instead of competing, we as teachers must connect – work cohesively to contribute towards improving the quality of life and building a peaceful, prosperous and democratic South Africa.

The government has over the years initiated various programmes and policies to help improve the educational system