young teachers

Also known as Dr Chaks, the 26 year old is a teacher at Mphethi Mahlatsi Secondary School, based in Orange Farm, Johannesburg South. With only 3 years in teaching Musa is already the Head of Department for Science and Technology in his school.

Principals and managers are blessed to be working with younger teachers because these young teachers come to school with new information that they have acquired from university. Such skills involve ICT knowledge and game-based learning in sciences. It is imperative that experienced teachers work together or share ideas with young ones.

I would advise young teachers that we are the governors of our classrooms. If it happens that a school you are teaching at has no resources we have to come up with strategies by that will enable learners to grasp the concepts. The use of shoe-string approach in a classroom can be a solution to lack of science equipment.

My aim is to mould Sciemax so we can impact so many disadvantaged kids who wish to make maths and science. Complete my master’s degree and register for PHD (Let us make education fashionable) and continue to challenge the education system to consider integrating indigenous knowledge and western sciences in the curriculum. Hehe baba, I will be the youngest principal.

Zamokuhle Mthethwa

Born and raised in Newcastle in Kwa-Zulu natal, Zamokuhle Mthethwa goes beyond curriculum jurisdiction. The 25 year old is an IT teacher and ICT coordinator at Sandringham High School in Johannesburg. Zamokuhle founded an organisation ITeachGirlsHowToCode, strictly focused on Grade 10 to 12 learners of her school, most of whom come from Alexandra Township.

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Young teachers are not there to take their positons. Most of the School Management Team (SMT) members think that young educators, the “Fundza Lushakas” are there to change the school curriculum or take their jobs. My response to them is that they must grant us permission and trust us to bring new teaching strategies to our teaching. There is a lot we can learn from each other if we work as a team and share ideas.

Where there is a will, there is a way. If you really want to do something good for your school, you will have to work hard and find a way to achieve it.

Personally I want to see more interning coding projects coded by my girls.