Mandatory Vaccination

The 1976 Youth Uprising in South Africa was against the Afrikaans language Mandatory.

The University of Johannesburg has joined other universities in taking away the futures of young people by introducing Mandatory Vaccination. South Africa is currently adopting the Apartheid System in order to force people who may not agree with them about vaccinating.

If you study history and visit Apartheid Museums in South Africa, you get to see many signs that read “Whites Only” and no “Blacks allowed”. Welcome to the new Medical Apartheid via Mandatory Vaccines. Universities are shutting their doors to learners who choose not to vaccinate. Students have always been easy targets for any Apartheid Government who forces the majority of people to do something against their will like the 1976 June Massacre.

Mandatory Vaccination

The right to education is revoked for students in the promotion of Mandatory Vaccination. There are many arguments that can be made about vaccines and the effect of COVID-19 amongst young people.

Firstly, vaccines do not fully prevent infections, they help prevent severe COVID-19 sickness which has not been the case for young people. Therefore, to take away the right to education for something that hardly poses any threats to a young person’s life leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

However, I am not entirely surprised, if you look at who will be greatly affected by this marginalization, the black learners from lower-income areas; from the days of the Fees Must Fall movement, it has always been clear that the poor black students do not have a place in these universities. Therefore, Mandatory Vaccination is the simplest tool to marginalize and shut the gates at these students’ faces.

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There is no data that shows that learners from townships and rural areas are vaccinated. These learners do not have other online alternatives, the unjust and evil introduction of mandatory vaccination plays at the status of these already economically marginalized students.

Many scientists around the world have come out to state that they do not have data proving that vaccines will help against the new variant. The question then would be, is introducing mandatory vaccines against an ongoing study allowed? And if yes, on what grounds?

Another study on the new variant Omicron says that it has only resulted in mild symptoms with no serious sickness. Therefore, why should students be forced into vaccinating?

South Africa once upon a time triumphed over the Apartheid System, the new Medical Apartheid System shall not go unchallenged and like the Apartheid System, this Medical Apartheid and Medical Dictatorship undertone too shall suffer the same fate.  

Do not forget to wash your hands regularly, sanitize, and wear your mask in public spaces. And should you see a need, please go and vaccinate, and should you not see a need, no one should punish you for your choice.