Article by Romeo Micheal

Schools are full of hopeful artists and music producers looking to become the next big thing. Bongani2Valid is one of the music producers looking to make a name in the music scene. The Sir Pierre matric student shares his journey with Romeo Micheals:

As a producer, I’ve faced and am still facing numerous downfalls in making music. Sometimes, as an upcoming or rising producer, music makes me doubt whether I’m a good or bad producer. However, going forward, I enjoy making music because of how fun and socialistic it is and because it allows me to associate with many other different producers to obtain new innovative ideas.


For me, there are numerous ways that I get over production blocks, such as collaborating with other producers or partners, listening to other producers’ music to inspire me and keep on going, and sometimes taking some days off from making music to keep my mind relaxed so that I don’t overthink.



My influences are the likes of Mellow & Sleazy, Justin99, and Vigro Deep. These are the major artists who are encouraging me to keep going, all because their work is my dream. The likes of Uncle Vinny also influence me because he indulged in his career at a young age, which makes me believe that I can make it at a young age.

My inspiration and motivation for creating music

My inspiration to create music comes from my peers believing in me by telling me I can do it one day and also from my peers believing in me. What inspires me the most is seeing big artists perform where I want to see myself performing one day and living in places where I want to live when my career finally gets to be successful.

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The music industry can be a tricky space to break into, and music artists often find themselves up against many roadblocks. While it may get discouraging at times, it’s critical to understand that there will always be setbacks and a good share of disappointments when working towards building a professional music career.


I Have an Upcoming Song Named “Blast,” which has blown up on the Platform Tiktok as a Challenge by a Digital Creator Named @kayeazyslime. The song is groovy and targets the youth who love the Amapiano and Barcadi movements.

I’ve also got an EP upcoming with a rising producer named “KIEYAH,” which is estimated to drop in the month of July.


I aspire to become one of the most anticipated Amapiano artists and producers because of how hard I’ve worked throughout the start of my career and the challenges or struggles I’ve faced while trying to find a way to make it to the top as an Amapiano producer.

You can follow his journey on insta: @validforever_