The ability for the youth in South Africa, which account for roughly 58.9% of the population, to gain financial success through their talents is one that has become of great economic importance. Covid-19 has further shone a spotlight on the fine line between success and failure for young people exploring alternative careers such as entrepreneurship or disciplines in the creative economy. The difference referred to in this instance is the absence of the right financial advice and partnerships – for young people invested in charting a new path.


This is why Momentum has launched the Youth in Arts in South Africa campaign that will focus on enabling the success of young artists during Youth Month. The campaign is about creating an enabling environment that will see the youth achieving their financial goals and aspirations.  The motivation behind this is that too many brilliant artists fall by the wayside and border on poverty when all that is required is the right advice – financially and professionally. This is why Momentum has decided to pair artists with the right advisor to give them financial literacy that will enable them to become financially sustainable, even through times of financial distress.

Last year saw many artists having to give up their dreams due to the pandemic but the truth is, the arts, needed much #AdviceForSuccess before COVID affected it. Many young artists needed a reminder that they’re #BornWithMomentum. While many sectors of society have been severely impacted, young artists is where this focus lies.


Momentum wants to shift the perception around the arts being inaccessible and only for the super-rich. Education and support toward youth in the arts are not sufficient right now and there is a severe lack of understanding of the business behind the arts. There’s also an overreliance on external funding and sponsorships, meaning there is limited stablished financial independence. By filling this gap, Momentum hopes to enable the success of people in society that create value for society such as artists.

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The value of the arts is to create optimism for society and spark critical thought. The presence of their success and work is a marker of our success as individuals and as a society. The arts are meaningful to our clients and country so re-imaging successful futures for young artists whether under the pandemic or not, is important. The youth hold the key to the future of the arts so the power of advice from the more experienced people, underpinned by the right financial solutions, can allow artists to accelerate their momentum and enable them to attain success.


Momentum believes with the right advice, artists will achieve the success they are striving for.