South Africa is an active crime scene

Firstly I’d like to pass my sincere condolences to families that lost their beloved sons and daughters at the Enyobeni Tarven. To the deceased kids, I’d like to apologize for the world you arrived at 13/17 years ago.

It is not your fault dear child, it is not you! It is our fault as a society. 

Enyobeni Tarven

The Enyobeni Tarven is a reflection of who we are choosing to be. The Tarven itself to have found a home and licensed to operate within the heart of the community is the new identity we have adopted.

What a way to bring the youth month to a close.

The 1976 youth laid down their lives to liberate the country. And today’s youth is laying down their lives for a bottle of Savannah. The words of Mr. Hendrick Verwoerd are ringing in my head, and have been for a while.

South Africa we cannot just rush for easy justice and blame game. It is easy to hold the Tarven owners, and personnel accountable, yes throw them in jail and let them rot in there. But will it be the true justice for the deceased kids? 

If you were to wake them up from the dead, what would be their wish? 

Is this not the time we put a monumental flag to landmark this incident as a turning point for us as society. Alcohol has surely marked its undisputed legacy on this youth month.

Rushing to blame and arrest individuals is not the solution, rather a grand standing by the incompetent and disgraced Minister of Police and his entourage. 

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Well he’s right at home like a pig in the mud. We’re a disgraced society after all. Lawlessness and injustice are our daily bread ask our President. 

Nevertheless, we are part of this society, folding our arms and shake out heads is definitely not an option. If this incident doesn’t affect you, then you are a senior citizen in this insensitive society. 

Enyobeni Tarven

Proverbs 23:13 – 14 has become a sad reality for the 21 families, while on the other hand the Constitution and Children’s Rights have dismally failed them. 

How many children’s coffins do we want to see before we can realize that living our lives without God is hell on earth? How are we willing to go at this life thing alone without the Creator? 

These kids came into a world that has already dismissed God in schools. Kids born today will never know whether they are a boy or girl. All these laws and regulations are from the darkest and deadliest pit of hell. The results are Enyobeni Tarven. 

Therefore, my plea to whoever is reading this: “Church” is not the perfect or glorious institution on the planet, lots of nonsensical things have taken place there also, but finding a true church which believes in Jesus Christ and do not worship the Pastor or a Prophet can save your child’s life. 

Please my people let’s go back to faith in God. We cannot live our lives without God, we have to ask for forgiveness, forget your pride for a moment. Otherwise, our kids shall become the ultimate sacrifice of the darkest powers out there. 

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