We are excited to bring you this new feature called “School Crazy Stories”, no names mentioned unless the owner/s of the stories agree to share their names. These may cause you to laugh, cry or get angry, whatever emotion that gets invoked we hope that you get informed, entertained and educated.

In today’s story we hear from Kabelo (not his real name) whom together with friends formed a formidable team with his teacher comrade to dribble past the school’s tight security and the police who were conducting searches for drugs, weapons and anything that may be unlawful at school on the day.

Comrade teacher

Well we were writing our final exams in 2019; so we decided to bring booze (alcohol) into school so we can celebrate afterwards. Ah for some reason we decided to take a few shots of the hot stuff before writing our final exam paper. Little did we know that on the same day cops will come to our school to conduct searches yhoo!

Here we are in the exam room and our bags have booze in them. Before the cops could enter into our exam room, our comrade teacher came into our class, grabbed our bags and put them in her locker ha ha ha.

While the cops conducted the search, she quietly sneaked out of the classroom to her locker, got the two bags and went home with them.

It was stupid of us, she actually saved our careers that day. When we called her yho she shouted at us. She knew that we were up to no good which is why she acted swiftly. Had she not acted like the way she did, none of us would be on our second year at the University today.

We were really stupid, but I’m glad that our teacher comrade became our parent that day. It was a lesson learned.

There you have it folks, a teacher comrade turned parent of the year? Yey or nay, what do you think the teacher should have done here? Comment below or comment on our socials. If you have a similar story, write to us: stories@tagmyschool.co.za include your details (we will not publish them if you don’t want us to).