Parents and children in lockdown could make a fun🤔 documentary to watch. TMS team put together a fun quiz for children and parents. The Williams family gracefully accepted the quiz challenge.

Ronnie (father) representing the parents and Tamara (daughter) representing the children:

1. Parent/s and Child/dren: What is the one thing you’ve realized about yourself during the lockdown?

How reliant we are on social interaction, however, how little time we spend with each other due to everyday busy-ness.

2. Parent/s: After spending so much time with your child, advice his/her teacher in one sentence:

Ma’am/ Sir, I really appreciate the amount you put into my child and see now first hand how patient you must be.

3. Child/dren: What is it that your Parents/Gaurdians have been right about when it comes to you?

How lazy we can get and avoid school work if we can😅

4. Children: School or Home?


5. Parents/Gaurdians: One funny thing you’ve learned about your child?

How much hot wind they have😂 They are full of stories, but have incredible sense of humours.

6. Children: My parents do not know that during the lock-down I……..

I would like to sleep till 12, only do an hour or two of school work and play the rest of the time.

7. Parents/Gaurdians: Answer to your child’s unspoken question?

Interesting question…why do you ask?😃

8. Parents/Gaurdians and Children: What TV programme dominates your home?


9. Children: What have you learned from your Parents/Gaurdians

They are so much fun…in between the talking to’s and discipline.

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10. Parents/Gaurdians: what have you learned about your child/dren?

As much as we may put things in place to keep them busy with activities that will either make them happy or which will benefit them in the long run, all they want is to spend time with us.

There it is folks… join the Williams on this fun lockdown quiz; send your answers via whatsapp to 061 457 8057 or simply comment below 👇👇👇good luck!

Thagi spent the lockdown teaching his dad how to be a gamer……