Petrol Price Hike

The recent petrol price hike is a death sentence for the 16.31 million South Africans still living in extreme poverty. 13.8 million of those South Africans live below the poverty line of R1,335. Of which 6.5 million of them still go to bed hungry.

Poverty is the state of having little or no money and material possessions to make a living. Millions of people in South Africa experience it everyday and it is having major effects on their daily lives. The current government has always been accused of getting his Mandate from Stellenbosch a neighborhood of the super corrupt rich white people living alongside the rightfully called “House Negros”.

School is depressing for learners who have to come to a stressful home environment where parents can simply not afford to take care of you then everyone act surprise when learners opt to get high.

Petrol price hike affects students too, this government does not care about anyone but those in Stellenbosch.

It will further deepen poverty, which adversely affects children and their education. It’s been found from studies and researches conducted that children from households effected by poverty score significantly lower on their academics due to lack of nutrition that can help them grow physically and mentally. This can only spell trouble for majority of black households and no one to come to their aid since they do not have a government!

South Africa has become a huge psychiatric ward, no normal citizen can think logically unless you have ties with the Stellenbosch Elites. President Cyril Ramaphosa is a true definition of “The Untouchable”. No one dare pin anything on him, what makes him to be this untouchable? The destruction of petrol price hike, load-shedding, and potholes can never be counted because South African citizens have chosen to internalize these effects.

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Petrol Price Hike

The state of our country has led to shorter life expectancy, higher infant mortality rates and higher death rates. While our brightest government leaders will tell you that this is because of vaccine hesitancy, it is clear that as a people we do not have a government that belongs to us. Presidency does not belong to the SA citizens, otherwise they would have done everything in their power to prevent the current state.

All these and more have shut a door on the face of millions of most black citizens who have been trying to enter into the economy. What is the point for children to keep waking every morning to go to school when the country is destroyed before their eyes and there is nothing that they can do? Why go to school because this economy will never create jobs, and the Elites are quickly shutting every single opening which may lead to the economic freedom.

These fuel price hikes are nothing but a creation of another level of class for the elites served by President Ramaphosa. South Africa has been producing more middle-class people under government which was led by somebody who does not come from the elite circles. The Elites had to influence the rand, rating agencies, judiciary and the media in order to wrestle this government from the common people.

No matter how bad things have been since Cyril Ramaphosa took office, the Rand has gotten stronger and rating agencies have improved our ratings. This government has been good for the Stellenbosch people, but it has been hell for the citizens and it continues to be hell until serious action is taken. June 16 is around the corner, a day where young school children decided that enough was enough, South Africa ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

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By Worshiper Mkhize

Worshiper is a writer/blogger, and Head of Content at TMS Mag.