Gospel Artist Precious Khomo takes us on her music journey. This Hammersdale (Durban) born songstress has performed on various stages. You may have seen her on TV or heard her on radio, but now she’s here on your favourite Magazine.

Precious which school did you attend?

I went to Wyebank Secondary, in Pinetown, KZN. I then furthered my studies in Durban University of Technology.

At what age did you realize that you can sing Gospel?

Apparently I started singing as young as 4 years old, but my first performance was at age 6. When in my teens I started thinking that hey, I can actually hold a note and harmonise. It helped that my Church’s sunday school was big on singing, so there was a lot of singing from young age.

What made you pursue music?

Honestly, I was singing at church for my whole life, and whenever someone will ask me to be a ‘special guest’ at weddings and functions, I’ll always be surprised. Having been exposed to singing for such a long time, I realized that this is my calling.

I’m not yet ‘full time’ (even though I would like to be). Anyone in the industry will tell you that it’s not an easy industry to get into. Because of ‘life commitments’, I still have my 8-5. Nevertheless, music has a way of ‘consuming’ you full time. You find yourself thinking, planning and working on music every chance you get.

Share with us your highlights and low-lights in your music journey.

Image Courtesy of Precious Khomo

My highlight will be the testimonies of how my music has ministered to people’s emotional needs and gave them hope. That’s always make everything worth the price we have to pay!
Low-lights: I guess because we start from a place of being ‘unknown’, at times it feels like one has to double the effort just to try and get their product out there. But this serves as a learning curve! Nothing comes easy and if wena (you) believe in your craft, people will start to and will show the same respect you are showing your craft and the artist you are.

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What makes a classic gospel song?

Classical Gospel song, will have to be a song that ‘survives’ seasons, sounds and popularity! Also a song that people from all walks of life and ages can relate to!

What is your favourite Gospel song out of your repertoire?

An unfair question ha ha, and not so easy to answer since I write my own songs! But currently it has to be one traditional song from ‘Amagama okuhlabelela’ I love the message from this song, I know my Moms will appreciate it and also the younger generation will love it as well… A true classical song!

Talk to us about the Sounds from the Throne Live Recording.


So this is my second live recording and I’m excited about it. It’s been long coming and this is the time. I’m a worship leader at church and for me being in the same place with people who love worship, is a blessing. I knew that when this time comes, I’ll have to share it with people. This recording is going to be intimate (like a Throne Room should be).
It’s basically a night of beautiful worship and amazing music. I’m excited to be featuring an international artist. And of course local artists to be revealed soon!
It’s a worship evening to God; let us expect Him, He inhabits our praises!

Image Courtesy of Precious Khomo

Tickets are already available online via Webtickets or one can get them at Pick n Pay

What else can your fans look forward to this year?

Obviously the release of ‘Sounds from the Throne Room’.
And because this recording is so intimate, we are looking forward to tours as we promote the new album!