Puma is known for looking back to their sport roots to inspire their current Sportstyle collections. Continuing that theme, Puma will take cues from the past and moves into the future by completely rebooting the RS design. Puma strips the the RS model down to the basics and builds it up with a modern look and feel. This ‘0’ starting point turns PUMA’s new RS-0 franchise into a platform: every RS-0 design celebrates the reinvention of a unique moment or movement in culture. Call it future meets retro.

The original RS (short for RUNNING SYSTEM) was an innovative, high quality cushioning technology established in the 80’s. The RS was PUMA’s answer to the demand for high-tech stability runners back in the day.

“We are nostalgic for the aesthetics of the past with the expectations of the future. This is how PUMA defines the new RS-0. It’s taking something from the past, evolving it, evolving it, and reinventing it for today,” –


Today’s generation recognizes the past and where styles or innovation originate from while constantly moving at the speed of light, pushing culture forward.

This subsequent Neo-Nostalgia design trend seeks out something meaningful from the past and makes it new and relevant for today. It offers an inspiring mix of rediscovery and original thinking.

Originally released in 1986, the PUMA RS-100 is a running sneaker that was considered extremely advanced for its time. This fashionable and comfortable model has a textile and leather upper, padded collar, PUMA R-SYSTEM technology for cushioning, and a rubber outsole.

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Shortly after RS-100, the RS Computer Shoe was released. It was the first-ever analytical shoe that gave runners the power of computing to aid in performance.

A custom-designed computer chip built into the right heel automatically records the time, distance and calories expended then communicates the results once plugged using a 16-pin cord to any Apple IIE, Commodore 64 of 128 or IBM PC Computer.

It was the intelligent way to run and was way ahead of its time.
Following the success of the two R-SYSTEM models, the RS-350 was released in 1987. The RS-350 is an example of streamlined ‘80s running design, offering support in the midsole as well as rubber details on the heel, definitely an elevated version amongst the R-SYSTEM family.

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