Reddam House

Reddam House’s Class of 2020 achieves almost 1,000 distinctions and 100% matric pass rate.

In a year beset with disruptions, lockdowns and uncertainty, the 2020 cohort of 420 matriculants at the Inspired Education Group’s eight Reddam House schools around the country met the year’s challenges head on and delivered exceptional results in the Independent.
Examinations Board (IEB) National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams.

Collectively, the Reddam House matriculants achieved 987 distinctions.

A-aggregates were achieved by 102 students, and A- or B-aggregates were
achieved by 252 students. One Reddam House matriculant achieved nine
distinctions, 12 achieved eight, and 23 achieved seven.

Commenting on the overall results of the Reddam House Class of 2020, Ravi
Nadasen, CEO of Inspired in South Africa says, “We are so incredibly proud
of both our students and our staff. The results are even more remarkable as
so much of the year was spent learning at home in online classes. 

As part of the Inspired education group with over 60 schools across five continents, we have had a unique advantage in sharing best practice in virtual teaching and learning; our live virtual classrooms ensured learning was uninterrupted for every Inspired student last year. This deviation from normal school life underscored that this Class of 2020 has fully embraced the Inspired approach to education, namely lateral thinking, comprehension, and innovative application of skills and concepts.”

Among the many inspiring stories of grit and determination among the
students in the Inspired Schools’ Class of 2020 is ChengRan ‘Benji’ Zhang,
who arrived at Reddam House Atlantic Seaboard from China speaking only
Mandarin and no English in January 2017, as a Grade 10 student. His warm
smile, friendly nature, and willingness to learn, earned him a spot as the
class favourite for both teachers and classmates, but he battled with
comprehension, and the brave decision was made to allow him to repeat Grade 10. Benji went from strength to strength and has now passed matric well, due to incredible support from staff and students and sheer single-minded persistence.

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Luke Manuel of Ravensmead, Cape Town, was awarded a Grade 10 scholarship at Reddam House Durbanville in 2018, based on his cricketing prowess. According to Barry Nieuwoudt, the school’s Executive Head, Luke has been exceptionally talented on the cricket pitch and a powerful role model off the pitch. “He took to our school life like a duck to water and was an amazing influence in the classroom, on the sports field, to his peers, and even on the dance floor. He believes in supporting others’ endeavours. In his matric finals he achieved a remarkable B-aggregate which really highlights his commitment to his education.”

Reddam House Helderfontein had several exceptional students joining the
school in Grade 11, including Craig Goredema; Dominic Bayne and Saneshan Reddy. These three students became close friends and plan to attend the University of Stellenbosch together studying Business, IT and Actuarial Sciences respectively, with the aim of opening a business together in the near future.

Reddam House Constantia is proud of the Class of 2020’s all-round excellent
results. They achieved a 100% pass rate with an average of 3.08 distinctions
per candidate. Since January 2020, the school has not missed a single day of
academic time, with teachers and students pulling out all the stops to
ensure the necessary transition to online learning took place with as little
disruption as possible.

Many Reddam House Constantia matric students also continued to support
others during the pandemic, helping provide food packs to the neighbouring Westlake community and back-to-school packs for the matrics of Masiphumelele High School. Marianne Gush, Reddam House’s head of Life Orientation, says, “The Reddam House Constantia matrics were not only an outstanding group of academics, but also exceptionally kind-hearted. It speaks volumes that our Dux Scholar also accumulated more than 130 community service hours.”

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Nadasen adds: “Inspired Education Group’s aim is to achieve academic
excellence throughout our students’ school careers. This year our efforts
culminated in outstanding final results achieved against the odds in a
difficult year for students, teachers and parents. We believe that these
accomplishments will ensure our young matriculants face the future with
confidence and pride, wherever they choose to go in the world.”

Inspired Education Group’s South African schools continue to set dynamic,
new standards in international academic excellence.

Join our Reddam House Rising Stars

Join our Reddam House Rising Stars at Reddam House Atlantic Seaboard,
Constantia and Durbanville in the Western Cape; Reddam House Waterfall,
Bedfordview and Helderfontein in Gauteng; Reddam House Umhlanga and Ballito
in KwaZulu-Natal.