Gobhela Primary Full Service School is a NO FEE SCHOOL located at Umzumbe Municipality, Ward 17, Mathulini Location, Mthwalume under Ugu District. We are a Rural School with 1475 Learners, 54 Educators and 17 Support Staff and starting from Grade R to Grade 7. Our motto is GOD FIRST,DUTY NEXT AND PLEASURE LAST.


We observed in 2020 during the commencement of Covid-19 pandemic that our School was struggling in delivering lessons as Schools were closed throughout the country and former Model C Schools continued providing Education using the modern Technology.

We therefore took a resolution as a School to embark in a programme of installing Smart Classrooms using the limited resources we have as a financially struggling rural school. We have 32 Classrooms accommodating 1475 Learners. To date from 2020 we were able to install 4 Smart Classrooms and 1 in the CARE CENTRE, as the 4IR Equipment is very expensive.

Our School always strive for excellence and it is our wish to complete this 4th Industrial Revolution Project (4IR) at least in 2022.


Our School Governing Body, School Management Team, The 4th Industrial Committee and all our Staff Members decided to name some School Buildings and Smart Classrooms using the names of living and non-living heroes and heroines who contributed positively in the School or the country as a whole.

The school also looked at some young people who are successful in life and who can be role models for our growing kids. The name of Duduzane Zuma was successfully agreed upon as we respect the way he is contributing in the Education of the needy people in South Africa as a young Business person with incredible credentials.

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We are also training our learners to be future leaders and Duduzane Zuma is also possessing such leadership qualities of a charismatic Leader. We even discovered that Education of a struggling Black Child is close to his heart as sometimes using his resources to help financial struggling students in Universities by paying their fees.

We were also touched by his slogan whenever he speaks on different media platforms on.



We strongly believe that our learners need to know the history of a young successful business man Duduzane Zuma who had travelled the World and they will be motivated to do more in their future endeavors.

We believe that we need to imprint certain disciplines onto a child’s brain. Inequalities, Poverty and Unemployment are interdependent socio-economic phenomena labelled the triple challenge in South Africa and we need to train future leaders who will help the country to circumvent such challenges.

Our 4IR Project is still in the initial stages but we are convinced that once completed it will elevate our School and the community of Mathulini area and neighbouring places in general to the higher levels.



Our School is moving away from the usage of Chalkboards and Chalks by Learners and Educators. We believe that these are the instruments which were used during the Apartheid, in times of Bantu Education and we cannot use the same gadgets during the time of our democracy.

We want to move with the modern times and change our mindset as technology is changing rapidly throughout the globe. The use of traditional ways of teaching is paralyzing the cognitive levels of our learners who are showing signs of having more knowledge on the use of technology.

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The Interactive Smart Boards are a perfect tool for every teacher, whether teaching in class or teaching remotely. Our long term strategy is to equip educators to use these technological gadgets on remote teaching and to ensure that the diseases like Covid -19 will not have a negative impact in future, and teaching and learning can continue at home.

Teachers and Learners are very much inspired to use these 4IR Gadgets because they bring the world to the classroom. The lessons presented in Smart Classrooms are interactive and very exciting and keep learners at School at all times. It is for that reason that during the Youth Month we celebrate it by inviting one of the dynamic youth of South Africa, who will understand better the concept of the 4th Industrial Revolution in the South African Schools and its impact, to officially open our new SMART CLASSROOM named after him in the event scheduled as follows: