Article By Romeo Moyo My name is Siyabonga Khumalo from Kempton Park West, I’m a typical teenager tryna make it in the music industry. I’m still in school but I find ways to balance my passion which is music and school which is my life. Life is tough without education..

So I got a plan to balance both these and here is how:
– Monday to Friday dedicated to school
– Weekends I am making music or out performing

But school is first priority for me. I know that many artists look at Cassper Nyovest and think they also can make it without education. But truth is you may not be exposed to similar opportunities he was exposed to. 

My name is Siyabonga Khumalo from Kempton Park West, I’m a typical teenager tryna make it in the music industry. I’m still in school but I find ways to balance my passion which is music and school which is my life. Life is tough without education. So I got a plan to balance both these and here is how:

  • Monday to Friday dedicated to school
  • Weekends I am making music or out performing

But school is first priority for me. I know that many artists look at Cassper Nyovest and think they also can make it without education. But truth is you may not be exposed to similar opportunities he was exposed to. While in High School I was never exposed to opportunities that would present a different perspective to what I have now. Therefore school remains a priority for me as an aspiring artist.

If opportunities came for me to pursue music in high school, then yeah I wouldn’t have gone to College. But I am here now so let’s make it count. I gotta make my mom’s proud man, so school is the way.

I’m currently studying diploma in Business management.

The idea behind studying business is because the music industry is not just lights & screams but it’s a business. So as an artist I gotta understand the business side of music so I don’t limit my ply in this industry.

I look up to artists such as Kendrick Lamar and AKA Super Mega. Their influence on me goes way back when I was still in Primary School.


Some of the stuff I learn is that your talent alone won’t be enough to get your music loved by fans; you gotta be able to have an outstanding image also. When your image appeals to people then they will want to give your music a chance. Right now Nasty C is killing it image wise; when we talk image we ain’t talking about your swag alone but also your lifestyle. As big as Nasty is, you never hear negative news about him and so in that way he’s able to keep his image clean in the public eye and people appreciate that.

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Right now I got two songs out which I’m using to test the water; the feedback from the public is pretty dope. School has been my source of inspiration; that’s where action is, live and unscripted! So I incorporate that life into my music similar to what you as a Magazine are doing.

So people can look forward to a unique type of music, insane flows mixed with a great vibe.

Catch me on facebook as Siyabonga Khumalo and Instagram SXH_DXGURU.