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Speaking of the freshest stories, today we are bringing one fine and fresh young talented teacher who goes by the stage name TikTok Teacher. Samkelo Mhlophe is a Life Science teacher at Makhumbuza High School in uMlazi, South of Durban. This fiery young man from Mpumalanga Township West of Durban is an inspirational gift “I was born and bred in Hammarsdale west of Durban by the late Nombuso Mhlophe whom I lost while in matric.”

Samkelo is a dedicated and extremely confident person, who always swims upstream and defies any odds stacked against him. He is that flower that grew from the concrete, literally “Looking at the place where I was born, it would be extremely impossible to believe that a person like me who has achieved so many things comesĀ fromĀ there.”

Samkelo aka TikTok Teacher prides himself on how he’s represented in the public eye. While we were chatting at the WTS Tutors Camp with Samkelo, two young men who were dressed in style approached him, they had a young convo, and it was all about style, ukotini and so on “I like these young men, they look after themselves very well. Mina I like to look presentable, it speaks to your mental aspect as well. Young ladies always invest time to look beautiful, we have to teach young men to do likewise, be presentable gentlemen” explains Samkelo. “Normally I dress like I am about to sign a multi-million dollar deal, kanti no I am just going to class to give my learners the best lesson in Life Science. I cannot dress like a million dollars yet deliver a below-par lesson, the way I am dressed is the way I teach, excellence all around.” Inspirational Samkelo continued.

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So how did the name TikTok Teacher come about?

“The name came through people who saw me recording content for my TikTok, my content is mainly about interesting facts that people didn’t know about their bodies. Especially, I would post videos explaining all the changes women’s bodies go through without them understanding what’s going on. As a Life Science Teacher, I found TikTok to be an engaging platform to teach such. Little did I know that was going to end up becoming my nickname.”

Samkelo enjoys a TikTok followership of 220K followers and 3 Million likes, his content gets viewed by millions, check him out @sammykaywhite

TikTok has his own project called Life Science Made Easy where he offers Tutoring Services, Camps, and One-on-Ones, get in touch with him, the poster below.

TikTok Teacher