Unisex toilets

The Unisex toilet story may be refuted by the Department of Education for now, but it is not going away any time soon. The new woke-ness which seeks to kill the identity of both the boys and girls to accommodate the LGBTQI community has given wings to the Unisex toilets debate.

The time has come when you are not allowed to identify yourself according to gender.

There are different arguments that originate from the way gender was used to oppress women. This gave rise to toxic masculinity and entitlement, forcing a formation of feminists who are a driving force behind the many gender changes currently taking place, including the matter of the unisex toilet.

Unisex toilets

These arguments often blame the way society relates or interacts with different genders. Unfortunately, women have carried the load of suffering in this regard because of behavioral expectations which often see them play a lesser role in society according to these arguments.

They also point out how both boys and girls are groomed in society.

However, these arguments seem to ignore the part where the toddler behaves in a certain way without any grooming or before they could even speak. No one grooms a boy to be aggressive and dangerous, those attributes come with a package. No one teaches a girl to be calm, sweet, and intelligent, it comes with the package.

Humanity has always found means to misuse and misinterpret anything good. It was and is a mistake to promote one gender at the expense of the other.

We cannot, therefore, kill these attributes just because we cannot handle or deal with them, let us not be lazy to devise means and ways to make these attributes better. Tempering with what God has created can only spell trouble and misery. It is incredible how much these groups tell us to understand that LGBTQI people were born that way, it’s who they are, yet go on to condemn a boy or a girl for being who they are!

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Now boys and girls will now use the same bathrooms, what kind of nonsense is that?

Unisex toilets

Here are a few facts that may be hard to swallow:

  1. There can be only male or female, you sit, or you stand when you are urinating, then according to your sexual preference be you, nobody should interfere with that.
  2. No one teaches a boy to be a boy, and no one teaches a girl to be a girl, they are born like that, in as much as you can be trans-gender, but the truth is you were born a particular gender that will never change.
  3. The LGBTQI community is a lifestyle and a choice according to a person’s sexual preference there is no need to then mess up everyone’s way of life, let be people be, no need to force anyone into anything.
  4. Killing boys’ identity to level the playing field can only create more problems, instead, find means and ways for both to strive, but I doubt feminists are in the mood for such solutions.

I believe that men’s and women’s roles in creation are different and equally important but more so the role of women. We are each a 10 out 10 at something, and completely suck and other things, now forcing this cross-pollination of roles can only breed chaos. I doubt the Creator would allow this collapse. Men and women of integrity should not keep quiet.

Unisex toilets should never be even a conversation on the school grounds.

For most girls, going to the bathroom serves as a social activity and an escape from the outside world, which gives them privacy also even if it is just for a moment, now we want to take this away from them. South Africa has the highest cases of rape and it seems like we cannot cope, now we want to make it easy for rapists?

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Unisex Toilets will become sex and sexual abuse rooms in schools should they be implemented. The Basic Education Department distributes condoms to small children in Primary Schools, they may just go on to introduce this madness.