Super talented Sihle Shozi creates instagram like drawings. The 22 year old Durban University of Technology student’s pencil drawing skill has left many speechless with how good he is!

Talking to the TMS MAG, this is what the uMlazi Township (Durban) born artist said:

Quick background

Hi all my name is Sihle Shozi from uMlazi Township in Durban. I’m graduating this month on the 27th at Durban University of Technology for Diploma in Fine Art.

I started noticing my pencil drawing gift in Primary School but I started to pay more attention to it in grade 10 at Zwelibanzi High school.

Pencil Drawing is rare, how did you get this good?

I’m more of a self taught artist, but I received some guidance from my art teacher Mr. Masoka at Zwelibanzi High school and also at DUT towards building the skills and techniques that I have.

I keep on practising most of the time and watch more videos of pencil drawing on YouTube even though I don’t have a specific artist that I look up to who uses pencil as their material.

What would you like to achieve with your gift?

I wish to achieve recognition worldwide as an artist who is still growing and has a lot to offer the art industry. I receive positive responses, motivations, blessings and encouragements all the time already, that means people appreciate my work.

Which pencil drawing is more meaningful to you?

I think everything that I create is meaningful to me since I do it with a passion of love and have more connection to it, maybe that is the reason why people gets amazed at my artworks.

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Who would you like to draw live?

I never thought of that but it can be my grandmother or my grandfather.


I think I’m inspired by the work’s of the greatest South African artist of today like Nelson Makamo, Wonder Buhle, Percy Maimela etc… so every time I’m creating I think of them because one day I wish to reach their level of creativity and also be able to make living out of art.

What would like to tell our readers…..

This is the beginning keep on watching the kid grow because they is more to come.

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