Well, hi, I am Tebogo Motha an Algorithm Agency SEO Intern as of November 2020. As a young individual stepping into the world of Performance Marketing (specifically Search Engine Optimisation), I’ve always wanted to be involved in a company that seeks to leave a mark in the world, over-and-above simply attempting to reach targets & make a profit.  Algorithm Agency offered me a chance to learn from the best and become an expert, not a tea-making, paper-shuffling internship that most companies normally offer.

Learning the In’s & Out’s of the Agency

Within a few days of my internship, the most outstanding thing that I’ve come to learn and that I’m still reminded about is process. Following, a process from start to finish helps ensure a water-tight workflow from you, as a specialist.

As far as process goes, I’ve had to quickly learn that process literally defines the output of anything we spend our time on and that it has to be followed to the last decimal point, allowing for swift damage control – should anything not go according to plan. From SEO, software, project management tools –  you name it, there’s a tried and tested process attached to it.

Apart from that, the structure of how things are done, and by whom is fairly straightforward.

Another thing that I have had to quickly wrap my mind around and practice is agility – being open to change & embracing the unknown.

Just like any other agency, we occupy a certain space in the ever-changing digital world & to maintain that a certain level of agility must be kept. Whether it be in the form of a Google Algorithm update, a change in client requirements, or even a change in our internal process to improve efficiency & quality – you have to adapt. Although it’s easier said than done, it’s a really essential character trait to develop and possess.

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What is the everyday life of an intern?

The daily life of an intern includes exposure to the lifecycle of SEO in a client’s online business.

In no particular order, these tasks would include:

  • Technical Audits (to investigate website hygiene from an SEO perspective)
  • Keyword Research
  • Working on content briefs (mapping out a potential content plan)
  • Drafting monthly reports on client website performance
  • Implementing on-site optimization
  • Attending daily status meetings twice a day to update the team on tasks for the day as well as progress or blockers
  • Plus, not to forget, the occasional filling of water dispensers and answering office calls.

What challenges do I face from time-to-time?

Adapting to a fast-paced environment

I’ve had to do my best to ensure that I keep up with whatever work I’m given and at the rate, it is handed to me, especially because we work tirelessly to ensure that we don’t drop the ball at the expense of any client.

Time management

This is quite a big one, mainly because it determines how productive a person gets to be in a day. I’ve had to really learn how to prioritize, multi-task and of course – get rid of procrastination! Some days are definitely better than others – it’s a never-ending challenge but an important one, nonetheless.

Attention to detail

This is quite an important aspect, especially where the quality of work is concerned. It involves running through every detail of a task with a fine-tooth comb to ensure that work is free from errors, duplicates, spelling errors as well as formatting issues – after all,  the devil always lies in the detail.

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How Algorithm Agency has helped me grow

In the few months that I’ve spent here, I’ve come to learn some really valuable lessons that could be applied in the workspace and to the journey of life itself. I’ve learned what it means to be accountable as far as my tasks go and to always communicate my progress, ideas, and difficulties if any. I’ve also seen the importance of a work ethic and how it could really contribute immensely to your career if it’s practiced consistently over a period of time.

With daily access to the captains of my industry, it’s pretty inspiring to be a part of a team that always seeks to break barriers and always brings their best to the table. It really adds a much-needed perspective to my career and the goals that I’d like to achieve as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist.

In closing

I’m grateful for the opportunity that the Algorithm team has presented me as an intern, especially because of how few of these opportunities there are. I hope for continuous growth as the months go on and to be of more value to the company and the industry, as I implement all their teachings.

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