South Africa continues to be an inspiring nation with potential to become one of the great nations of the world. Apart from politics and media who keep influencing what we should think about South Africa; we have amazing people that reflect who we truly are as a nation. I am not saying that we don’t have problems but I am cautioning us to filter the information that we receive. You will agree with me that 2019 belongs to South Africa! We should be excited about that and build from that Rugby 7s triumph, Netball National team, the Rugby World Cup and Zozi’s Miss Universe momentum.

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One of our leading stories is that of Mr. Khangelani Sibiya who is changing the face of education one Global Award at a time. This is our new culture South Africa; we are a nation of over achievers and that should be our new identity!

The key word here is “FOCUS”. What is it that we are focusing on? Whatever it is, it will become our reality. My advice is: let’s focus on the “GOOD”. It does not mean we are naïve to our issues, but it means we prefer to give air-time and full attention to the good news.

Welcome to yet another edition of inspirational stories by ordinary South Africans doing extra-ordinary things in our schools and communities.

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