Happy Holidays everyone, I trust you are having a great time with your families. Unfortunately, that was not the case for a family in the Free State when they visited Maselspoort Resort and Conference Centre, about 23km outside Bloemfontein. A scuffle broke out when a group of old white males attacked two black teenagers aged 13 and 18. The teens were accused of swimming in the pool reserved for white people.

When the boys were chased away from the swimming pool at first, they reported the issue to their parents who attended to the problem and told this group of men that they also have booked the resort with its swimming facility. Moments later the two teens found themselves faced with a re-energized racist state that South Africa has become.

racist state
The two boys with the EFF member

The boys were assaulted, one of them strangled and the other drowned, however, the boys survived the ordeal and the case now is with the South African Police.

Sadly we cannot expect much from the justice system because South Africa is still a racist state. There are powerful groups such as the Helen Suzman Foundation and Afriforum who seem to be the guardians and protectors of racists. The government is also very comfortable with the racist state it governs because racists always get away with it.

One would imagine that there would be black wealthy people who would set up organizations that can compete with the pro-racists organizations such as the abovementioned, unfortunately, it is not the case. The EFF finds itself standing in the gap in defense of black people. While this may seem like they are opportunistic, most victims of racism welcome and appreciate their acts.

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racist state

It is alarming that racists are growing in confidence under Cyril Ramaphosa’s government, they are a bit too comfortable. The ANC no longer serves the interest of the people, especially black, nor does it seek to pretend to be. This is the reason why the majority of young people at universities have divorced themselves from the ANC.

The incident at Free State is yet again proving these theories correct. The first group that decided to make their presence felt at Maselspoort Resort were members of the EFF. The ANC is yet to issue a statement, maybe they are still spending the dollars from the 55th Conference? Or they are simply tired and have run out of a vision and direction in which to take this country? Either or, this is shocking from the ruling party.

The two teens are in vibrant spirits, just like Zulaikha Patel, the race struggle chose them at a young age and so the wheel turns to no end of racism in South Africa and the world.