By Romeo

It very seldom to find teachers appreciated for their miracle work. Romeo went back to his previous school to speak to his former teacher; who’s teaching is like art.

Sir thanks you for taking time to talk us; I am curious: What do you consider strength in your teaching?

My strength in teaching is that I am able to come to the level of my learners. I put myself in their shoes in that way they find it easier to interact with me and ask questions.

Of all the subjects you teach which one is your favorite, and why?

I like economics since my student days, I enjoyed the most.

As a former learner I can concur! Now what is it that you love the most about teaching as a profession?

Well I like the fact that I get to play a role in people growing up; I get to see them growing from small kids into becoming respectful members of society, just like you!

How important education is to young people?

Education is important not only to young people but to everyone. It helps you sound better than yesterday because you gain more knowledge. You learn to engage other people and appreciate various ways of thinking, in other words it opens your mind to other people’s way of thinking. It helps people move from one level to another.

What roles do standards play in a classroom?

Standards help in manufacturing the best male or female in whatever group I am given to work with. So I set a standard for them and expect them to rise to the challenge.

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Define your greatest success as a teacher.


Whether I teach Maths or Economics I set myself a 100% success mark with my learners. In fact I set myself a 300% mark, but to answer your question: success for me is when I achieve the 100% mark with my learners. And also being able to see the pass rate improve from what it was in previous years.

In your view what would you say the greatest challenge for learners/students is?

Today’s learners/students are exposed to lot of things at the very young age. Too much un-monitored info at their disposals which demands their attention and in that way end up losing the focus. Good learners/students end up misled down the wrong path due to too much exposure to unhealthy information.

Sir lastly, I am thankful that you went an extra mile for me as your learner. Would you say that’s the reason we (learners) decided to title you their hero?

ha ha ha I don’t know but what I know is that I give each and every single learner my undivided attention even after the lesson has ended. I commit my time to see my learners achieve greater heights that’s why I chose this profession.

Thank you so much for your time

Ah no problem you’re more than welcome.