The Character Assassination of Prof. Mamokgethi Phakeng in full swing and here why

The recent UCT report about Prof. Phakeng reveals the sore wound that may never heal South Africa; the race wound is positioned as an invention by Prof. Phakeng in that report. Black people have always been and are still victims of racial discrimination in various corners of South Africa. The apartheid system has never been dismantled; those who negotiated the “end” of apartheid simply put a blanket over the wound and crossed their fingers that it would heal—far from it.

This is largely because those who racially discriminated against black people did not see anything wrong with it, and their descendants, to a large degree, did not see anything wrong with it either.

Racial discrimination has psychologically destroyed black people and has created a ripple effect that will keep echoing in future generations. If you know anything about the system, once it is perfected, it works without anyone doing anything to enforce it, and that is how the apartheid system is still very much at work today.

It does not even require a white person to enforce it; you can reward a few black people by getting the system to favor them, and they will in turn discriminate against other black people.

So how do you dismantle this system?

Empower those discriminated against by pulling out from within the beauty God created; show them the power they possess and the value they hold in society. If you do that long enough, black people will get to the point where being black is a beautiful thing to be! In the same way that over the years, black people wanted to be white because white was a thing to be, the system works for you!

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How do you make being black better?

Character Assassination

One of the ways to achieve that is to do what Prof. Phakeng does every day; she is proud to be black, achieves the unimaginable, and shows you what a beautiful black woman can do! Her sin, according to the UCT report, was that she was too proud to be black; she was unapologetic about it. Even worse, a woman at that!

Capetown is home to some of the most racist individuals in South Africa; now for Prof. Phakeng to be a woman, black, powerful, excellent, and proud was an offense to the system, hence the report that will be fed to the media houses belonging to the system. The character assassination of Prof. Phakeng is now in full swing.

If Prof. decided to stay away from her empowerment activities post-UCT, the report would have been a futile exercise because the threat is gone. However, Prof. Phakeng is active in empowering the young black youth of South Africa within the academic space, and with her Steve Biko vibes, she is the biggest threat to the system.

Character assassination is in full swing.

Prof. Phakeng is awakening many black academics; she is not a politician, which makes her even more dangerous. Politicians unfortunately manipulate and use the system to empower themselves. Individuals like Steve Biko and now Prof. Phakeng, driven by black consciousness convictions, are the biggest threat.

These individuals are often driven by love for their people and are disgusted by injustices based on racial discrimination.

Prof. Phakeng is an essential voice of our time. She is the symbol of black excellence with a strong character. If they cannot find any corruption, they will implement a character assassination campaign to silence her.

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Character Assassination

The report is a compilation of offended ex-colleagues, that is all. The reason it is given this much attention is because it is used as the bullet that will silence the voice of Prof. Phakeng.

How many black people are discriminated against by the system based on race?

Suppose Prof. Phakeng is allowed to continue being a trusted and leading academic voice. In that case, this will lead to the opening of a can of worms, where the beneficiaries of the apartheid system will have to let go of their ill-gotten wealth and privilege.

When blacks wake up and start to value themselves, value one another, and unite to turn things around for themselves, the beneficiaries of the apartheid system will no longer hold the highest value in society. Black communities will no longer wait for a corrupted political system to save them because they will realize that they have what it takes to achieve the unimaginable. This is what Prof. Phakeng is about, and more; she exemplifies it in her walk, not just talk.

The character assassination campaign is meant to damage her reputation. Read through the lines, and do not fall for the trick!