The death of a black child’s soul is in full force, and there is nothing to stop it unless there is a drastic shift. In last week’s Podcast and Chill, TV personality Eugen Khoza dropped some nuggets about the way we are as black people and the things that occupy our time. He gave a few examples of socialite trendsetters such as Skomota, which made people very upset.

The fact that people were upset by what Eugen Khoza said is sad to see. We live in the age of influencers with low morals and no value proposition. By tuning in to these influencers’ channels, we eat sh*t. Imagine getting into a restaurant where they have prepared a table of dog pooh. That is exactly what young people are consuming online every single time.

You are what you eat.

Unfortunately, the outcome of what the black child consumes is there for all to see, and it is not a great sight. Moral degeneration has accelerated at a high speed. The conscience of a black child is killed every day by the laws that govern the nation.

What defines a black girl today is her ass, not her brain; what makes her popular is her willingness to make her body a public property—”her body, her rules.” Pop culture demands that she be as ratchety as possible for entertainment purposes.


What defines a black boy is not the ability to build his father’s house and advance the family legacy, but how many sex tapes he can record. And if some decide to change gender, you dare touch that subject! All this moral decay is supported by laws that govern the death of a black child’s soul.

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On the other hand, white kids are raised to uphold and advance their family legacies and culture. They are taught to lay hold of the land and expand their influence in critical aspects of life, such as land ownership. While you get pap drunk on alcohol, your white peers are taught to work the land that produces the ingredients to make alcohol.

Therefore, you continue to be the customer while your peers are the owners.

My bad. You are the owner of an iPhone that creates content for your online audience. Since every black child is a content creator, maybe we should just keep it at that and never talk about ownership of land and other key economic assets.

You cannot give land to drunkards with prostitution tendencies. Let the Chinese and other nationalities take over. The black youth just want to get drunk, be junkies, and twerk. Look at the people we are idolizing and celebrating as young people. Are you kidding me?

The death of a black child’s soul was also evident when matriculants completed their exams. While the biggest achievement of other young people is building a robot, your greatest achievement is drinking alcohol while in school uniform.

As a young person, you are growing up in a world where you have voluntarily decided not to have a voice; you have opted to commit moral suicide. As a youth with no principles, no values, no honor, just a bunch of A/holes who happen to exist, you have no desire to positively impact your surroundings; you stand for nothing, and that is why you fall for everything.

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Black child, this is not who you are!

Do not allow the death of your soul to prolong any longer. I am not saying do not have fun in your way; I am not saying be a sweet angel; but I am saying this is not you! You can be better than this. What we are currently displaying to the other races, is not it. That is why they will disrespect you and call you names because you are disrespecting yourselves.