Can you feel the unemployment squeeze?

I swear the situation just got real for many graduates who find themselves with a glorified qualification that holds little value in our economy. When a person with a Degree finding it hard to get a job, those with Diplomas panic and those with certificates suffocate in anxiety while Matric certificate holders disappear in the memory of our economy.

South Africa is well known for its themes which later become an irritating old sound of empty tins. The previous irritating sounds were “Entrepreneurship” “Radical Economy Transformation” and the current noise is “The 4th Industrial Revolution”.

Recently the unemployment was released and everyone was “fake” shocked at the high rate of unemployment. What did you expect in such an exclusive and monopolized economy? 

Welcome to the “New Dawn” of commissions and courts, while the nation watches in desperation if things will ever change. “Oh well Imma swipe right, this has nothing to do with me I’m still in school”; oh no bhuti this has everything to do with you.


It is young people that are unemployed the most and neglected by this economy. It is us who will have to figure out our future after our granpas and grandmas have taken this country with them to their graves.

So let’s have a conversation about the state of this country. It took school children in 1976 to change the cause of South Africa; it seems like school children are needed again this time to speak up.

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The economy is worsening, there are no jobs what’s the point of education?

The 4th industrial revolution is here to do what exactly in the country that has expensive data, no electricity and no money to afford gadgets?

Here is the sad truth: South Africa has enough money to feed every single person who lives in it. However greed and corruption remains the biggest Achilles’ heel. Through various commissions we get to learn how deeply rooted corruption is. Officials are ready to go the extreme to ensure that the money pot stays among themselves.

So what’s in it for you as a learner, the answer is nothing but a sad lesson of what not to do when you get to lead this nation one day.

But first you have to survive the current bs and here is how:

  • Yes unemployment stats are high, but that should not be your concern. Your main focus should be identifying opportunities that may exist within this reality. What is the one thing that you have which may be unique and useful to creating a desired livelihood for you and your community? The situation demands young people with high intellect and unafraid to use it. You literally don’t have the luxury of drugs and alcohol while the country is up in smoke. The 1976 youth spirit is needed once again, so each and every young person reading this has to stand up and be counted in turning things around. No one sitting in that Parliament has any interest in you! They are playing power games and not really thinking how they can get you out of the cycle of poverty.
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Young people you need to collect the same money you collect for booze and use it to invest or buy shares in small to medium companies. Think outside the box and stop waiting for handouts. You have enough platforms through social media.

  • Use the opportunities presented by the 4th industrial revolution. If you are still in school just to be the nuances, woe to you brave one! See you in jail or early grave because the new world has no space for you. What can you do with the gadget in your hands? Well you can download a Flash App and start selling airtime and electricity through it. Build robots; stop wasting time on useless things on your phone. Leave Twitter to Cassper Nyovest and Fikile Mbalula, google what opportunities are there with regards to the gadget in your hand. Change from learning to pass to learning to become a solution.

Education remains the backbone of everything you will be in the future. Therefore treasure the opportunity to acquire as much information as possible. I see many learners spending their school holidays in Study Camps, well-done! Change the reason for getting educated from wanting to be employed one day into becoming a solution to the unemployment using opportunities created by the 4th Industrial Revolution.