Children vaccinating without parental consent has to be the lowest form of vaccine ethics if there are any ethics in the vaccine. It is not about the pro or anti-vaccine but the morality behind government and health officials overstepping and discarding the role of a parent or a guardian in a child’s life.

If you find this practice normal and agree with it, then you must be a special kind.

Health officials will decide for your child without your consent, and that should be okay? Giving 12-year-old a responsibility to decides on their health will have negative repercussions in the future. When they grow to become adults and ask you, “why did you let them vaccinate me?” What would be your answer as a parent? “No, I didn’t let them; it was your decision together with the government and health department.”

Vaccines have side effects, and some side effects are severe; if your child suffers any of the side effects, whose responsibility will it be? Will the government assume this responsibility?


Now, if an adult has sex with the same age group, it is called statutory rape, regardless of the decision taken by the child to have sex with an adult. The argument is that the adult took advantage of the child.

Could we then call this a vaccine rape? Since the government and health officials are taking advantage of your child. A 12-year-old cannot be attended to at the local clinic without an adult, which makes it appropriate for the health officials to seek the consent of a parent or a guardian before vaccinating the child.

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 It is evil to the core. It increases the question mark about the entire vaccine program. What is the end goal here?

South Africa has recently moved to lockdown level one; COVID-19 numbers have dropped drastically. The drop in numbers comes after the July unrest where people gathered in high numbers without masks or social distancing and in the middle of winter. If you follow data given to us by health officials, that environment was ripe for the virus to wreak havoc, yet the total opposite happened, and there is no explanation for why that is.


Currently, people gather in high numbers during the election campaigns by various politicians; in those gatherings, there is no social distancing, no masks or masks are just around the neck, yet the numbers have dropped? Are you kidding! The country has not even reached half of the population in the vaccination program, so you cannot say it is the vaccine. 

A lot needs to be clarified. But do not let strangers start vaccinating your children without your consent.