Nathi Mthethwa

Minister of Sport, Art & Recreation Nathi Mthethwa disappears like Casper the Ghost and pops up at celebrations or funerals. I have met Nyambose once at Luthuli House, a very humble soul then, who came across as someone who cares.

Recently Minister Nathi Mthethwa has been heavily criticized by people in the entertainment and sport alike for his “I don’t care attitude.” Earning himself a tag label: ‘’the most useless minister” from frustrated South Africa’s own Queen B, Bonang Matheba.

Who can forget the famous R22 Million flag that Nyambose wanted to erect for heavens knows what?

The Minister had to defend himself again at the Banyana Banyana WAFCON triumph celebrations at OR Tambo, where thousands of supporters booed him. It is safe to say that under former President Jacob Zuma, Nyambose would have been fired.

Nathi Mthethwa

Tag My School Magazine’s leading story for August is about a young Esona who is the first black swimmer to represent South Africa on an international stage. This is a great opportunity to invest in her to ensure that she develops further and hopefully one day becomes the first black swimmer for South Africa at the Olympics. This falls directly under the missing Minister Nathi Mthethwa.

I spoke to a government official who’s in another department about Esona, she was also stunned at how quiet Nyambose is on Esona’s story. While another official at the Department of Basic Education promised to push Esona’s story to the Sports Section of the Department.

And so, if you happen to be sitting next to Nyambose as you read this, please pinch him and wake him up. Esona presents a great opportunity for the Minister to get one thing right in his tenure.

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The lack of development in women’s sports and the salary disparities with the men’s came under the spotlight during the Banyana Banyana celebrations. The minister promised to change this soon, but the question is: will he? Or he will disappear as usual?

This is not only for the current women who are involved in sport and hoping for better pay, but also the young girls who are looking up to these ladies, and so if Minister Mthethwa fumbles here, he’s not only failing this current generation but also the future generation of young girls.

Sport is such a powerful tool for developing a nation, it needs a leader with ambition and vibrancy, someone who makes things happen, and that someone is definitely not Nathi Mthethwa.