Dear young people, you can consume alcohol without being consumed by alcohol! Utshwala buyanibhayizisa, niyathithiza, and once drunk, you look stupid while thinking you’re the smartest. Drinking expensive liquor is not an achievement; drinking cheap liquor is the quickest way to the grave!

Friendships centered around alcohol are the dumbest and weakest friendships based on overcompensating for the scared little boys and girls inside of you. Imagine being in the cycle of getting drunk every weekend, fighting hangovers, and then talking about your drunkenness the whole week! Hhay subani dom bafethu…

There’s so much to live for, and so much awaits you! You’re rushing to the grave without exploring the real reason you were conceived while others were aborted, died at birth, or died in their childhood, only for you to live a life of alcohol and drunkenness!

Enyobeni Tarven, Youth Alcohol Landmark

Stop wasting yourself like this! Life is tough for everyone, but there’s a beautiful story within that hardship waiting to be told by the author.

Yet you’re intoxicated and busy messing your life around.

That’s the reason the government will give you an R350 handout: because you cannot think your way out of any situation. How can you when your mind is drowning in alcohol every damn weekend?

The political system will capture your intoxicated mind and use it to its advantage because you have completely surrendered your thinking to alcohol.

Drunkenness has become the identity of young people in South Africa. You are currently adding no value to the greater scheme of things; you’re ill-disciplined, horny, and stupid.

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That is why the previous minister of youth was a grandmother who was replaced by another grandmother! Ngoba, you’re too drunk to add any value to society.

Life is extremely tough; you need a clear state of mind to face its ups and downs. Most of you end up becoming sangomas and traditional healers by default, all because your mind is messed up mostly by alcohol. It has nothing to do with Ubizo.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t drink.

Learn the art of drinking and how alcohol can add to your overall well-being.

If we remove alcohol abuse, my people will become the most intelligent and powerful humans in the world. We make history.

Teen drinking is a serious and growing problem in many countries, and it poses numerous dangers that can have lasting and severe consequences.

  1. Increased Risk of Accidents: Teenagers who consume alcohol are more likely to be involved in accidents. They are at a higher risk of being in car crashes, falls, drownings, fires, and other accidents that can cause serious injuries or even death.
  2. Brain Development Impairment: Teens’ brains are still developing, and alcohol can interfere with that development. Heavy drinking at a young age can harm brain functions such as learning, memory, and decision-making skills. It can also cause permanent damage to the brain.
  3. Health Problems: Alcohol consumption in teens can lead to a variety of health problems, including liver disease, high blood pressure, heart disease, and digestive problems.
  4. Increased Risk of Addiction: The younger someone starts drinking, the more likely they are to develop an addiction later in life. Teenage alcohol use can lead to alcoholism and other substance abuse disorders that can have serious effects on the individual and their families.
  5. Behavioral Problems: Teen drinking can result in behavioral problems such as impaired judgment, aggression, and risky behavior. This can lead to legal trouble and other consequences such as expulsion from school or damage to personal relationships.
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Overall, teen drinking is a serious issue that can have severe and lasting consequences. It is essential for parents and educators to educate young people about the dangers of alcohol and to offer support and resources for teenagers who may be struggling with alcohol use.

Music and social media influencer pursuits will cease to be the only hope for a black child. We’ll start seeing black kids creating strong economies, realizing their buying power, and rebranding their hoods from “Amaroto” to economic hubs.

Where gangsterism and ubukhotheni are no longer our brand identities as black youth, we run our businesses, penetrating markets and disrupting industries.

Young, beautiful black sisters’ achievements won’t be their asses or how well they twerk! But how they changed the faces of other young girls in their hoods and how they influenced the culture of excellence Where teenage pregnancy is replaced by teenage brilliance in morality, academia, and the economy.

Nelson Mandela dreamed for us, which created a generation of dreamers. Education was and is the key to success. Today, no one is dreaming for you; instead, they’re taking from you while in your drunken state of mind.

I’m not asking teenagers to not be teenagers, to not be naughty, but I am asking you to dream, to be driven by greatness within you because when you do that, this world will gain a pure gem in you.