Abantu Literacy League launches a community library in Drieziek EXT 3 Orange Farm.

Abantu Literacy League is a youth-led organization that aims to improve literacy levels in the community for the young and the old, particularly learners. Our library was launched in June 2024, as we also wanted to honor and celebrate the youth of 1976 while at the same time imparting history to the younger generation.

We aim to make learning a lifestyle and turn pages and people’s lives around.

One of the chief reasons we decided to start the library and work with children is that we have identified that learners from both primary and secondary levels have challenges reading and writing as their levels demand. Therefore, we are a response to that situation and aim to impact the lives of the learners positively.

As an organization, we agreed that it is not enough to simply point out the problems and challenges. We also need to be able to point out or be part of the solutions and bring about the change we want. Currently, we have four founding members: Sihle Gaba, Nobuhle Nkambule, Nomathemba Sibeko, and Dumezweni Ndweni. It’s important to highlight that the organization does not belong to the members but to the community and everyone who wants to be involved in positively impacting people’s lives through literacy. Thus, we are open for extra hands, and we are welcoming anyone who wants to come and help us with their experience, resources, or in any shape or form.


We are working towards having the following services: a library, a homework center, and internet services. In the long run, we are planning on creating book clubs, debate and spelling, art, and writing competitions for children. In the same vein, we want to inspire children to be creative, innovative, curious, and critical thinkers.

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Looking further forward, we want to incorporate the elderly into literacy programs, which will include basic computer skills and language skills. Essentially, we want to operate within legal frameworks, so that we are officially recognized as a community library. Given our limited resources in this undertaking, we are pleading for books and other reading material. Donations of books, magazines, and newspapers of any genre are welcome. We also need donations of chairs and tables. If you have books to spare, please reach out to us, and we will arrange pick-ups.


For further information please contact: Nobuhle Nkambule (0681886060)

Sihle Gaba (067 833 9824)

Nomathemba Sibeko (+27 67 758 2156)

Dumezweni ndweni (073678 9856) whatsapp (076 996 2232).